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what's in the buzz?

you may notice that when you drink levity brew, the clear and focused energy you experience will last into the afternoon - and you won't be needing your usual 3PM latte.

that's because levity is powered by not just one but four high-performance phytochemicals: caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and l-theanine, which are naturally present in levity's organic coffee, yerba mate, guarana, and tea.

the combination of these stimulants has a longer-lasting and less jittery effect than caffeine alone, as illustrated by the charts below:

so what’s in the buzz? 

you’re probably all familiar with caffeine, the most widely used substance on the planet. caffeine is naturally-occurring in coffee, tea, yerba mate, and guarana. it’s well-known for increasing energy levels and prevents drowsiness, but has also been shown to improve exercise performance and recovery, boost memory and reaction time, and prevent some neurological diseases* (1). its effects peak in your body within 30-45 minutes, and has a half life in your body of 2.5-5 hours (2) - which is why if you’re just drinking coffee in the morning, you may want another pick-me-up cup when the caffeine wears off after lunch.

theobromine has been shown to enhance concentration levels and mood, and is what makes levity’s smooth, clean energy last longer, because it peaks in your body within 2-3 hours and has a longer half life of 7-12 hours. you won’t find it in coffee, but it's naturally present in yerba mate, guarana, black tea, and famously, chocolate.

while it’s stimulatory effects increase your heart rate, it actually dilates your blood vessels as well, reducing your blood pressure (3). it is also less impactful to your central nervous system than caffeine, which makes it less “jittery.” (4)

theophylline is found primarily in guarana, and acts as a bronchodilator (5), relaxing the smooth muscles in your airways which helps you (literally) breathe easier. theophylline has also been shown to improve performance in continuous attention tasks (6), and also carries anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great choice for athletes post-workout.

levity brew's all-natural ingredients

so you have all this great energy, but what is it about levity that helps you concentrate, too? that’s where l-theanine comes in. theanine is a non-protein amino acid that occurs naturally in tea, associated with enhanced of relaxation and better concentration. evidence from human EEG studies show that l-theanine significantly increases activity in the alpha frequency band (popularly known as “alpha waves”), which means that it relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness (7). it is also linked with health benefits including the prevention of certain cancers and cardiovascular disease, weight loss, and a stronger immune system. (8)

so with all that in mind, cheers to long-lasting, smooth energy and an elevated day.

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Levity Brew is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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