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levity brew

is a premium blend
of coffee, tea, and herbs
that offers smooth, all-day energy
and a delicious rich taste.

no crash,
no jitters,
no bitterness.

smooth, long-lasting energy

your focused and productive morning is powered by four high-performance phytochemicals: caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and l-theanine. these are naturally present in levity's organic coffee, yerba mate, guarana, and tea.
smooth, long-lasting energy
premium, all-natural ingredients

premium, all-natural ingredients

- organic single-origin colombian coffee: rich, energizing
- organic yerba maté: smooth, sustained
- organic imperial green tea: focused, zen
- wild-harvested guarana seed: concentrated, clean
- organic roasted chicory: flavor-boosting, robust

convenient, high-quality brewing

levity's japanese-style single-serve filters are designed for everyday convenience. no measuring or grinding required; the blend has already been optimized for rich flavor and all-day energy.
convenient, high-quality brewing

brew your perfect cup

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jenni t., scoot networks
"i love that levity brew is already weighed, ground, and balanced to create the perfect cup of delicious caffeinated beverage that my body is looking for. the best part is, i never experience any jitters, anxiety, or upset stomach after drinking it."

– jenni t., scoot networks

aaron e., momentum machines
"levity is my go-to drink. as an avid coffee drinker it has the satisfying taste of coffee, but without any bitterness. instead the infusion of tea lends it the soft and gentle touch that coffee normally lacks. now that i've tried it, i can't imagine my days without levity!"

– aaron e., momentum machines

susan g., mom extraordinaire
"it's just great. i wake up, i drink my levity and i'm ready for the day. it's that easy."

– susan g., mom extraordinaire

nataly d., singer-songwriter
"i've been a coffee-drinker for most of my life, so naturally the first time i tried levity i was a bit skeptical. but when i put it to the test, the first thing that struck me was how good i felt. almost as if instead of being an amped up version of myself, i was a slightly more in-tune version of myself. and it's hard to go back to straight coffee after feeling that."

– nataly d., singer-songwriter